About Us

Charm Green Engineering

Charmgreen Engineering Pte Ltd (formerly Charmgreen Chemical Pte Ltd) was formed in year 2011. Our primary business which remains active till now is the supply of organic acids to clean industrial equipment. We are proud that our acids being eco-friendly were ahead of time.


Our early customers were Shipping Lines. Vessels on sail needed easy to use and effective cleaning solutions for the cooler systems on-board.

Cooling systems using sea water intake cause chemical and biological scales (fouling) – calcium carbonate, sulphates and organismic clusters (algae, mussels, barnacles growing within). Our acids remove them enabling efficient heat transfers.

fouling in sea

(Picture of tube fouling)

We service power and other utility plants and factories. Apart from retailing our acids, we provide labour and tools to do the cleaning ourselves.

We also support customer requirement for various mechanical parts and accessories.

Please see our company brochure:

Desalination & Power Plant Chemical Cleaning Brochure_Charmgreen Engineering